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Our lastest wind project in Texas

Pushing ACCIONA's US portfolio over 1,000 MW of wind energy.

In 2019, ACCIONA brought the Palmas Altas Wind Farm online. In 2020, the company increased its investment in Cameron County with the La Chalupa Wind Farm. La Chalupa is the single largest wind farm in ACCIONA's North American portfolio at 198 MW. Together the two wind farms offer 343 MW of capacity, generating enough electricity for 97,000 Texas homes.


Palmas Altas and La Chalupa feature 109 wind turbines manufactured by Nordex. Palmas Altas and La Chalupa are ACCIONA's second and third projects in Cameron County, where the company has operated the San Roman Wind Farm since 2016. La Chalupa raised the company’s wind energy capacity in the US to 1,062 MW, with ten wind farms in six different states.


  • Location: Cameron County, Texas. UU.EE
  • Capacity: Palmas Altas 144.9 MW / La Chalupa 198 MW
  • Wind turbine: Nordex AW 125/3150
  • Tower: Steel, 87.5-meter hub height
  • Start-up: Palmas Altas, December 2019/ January 2021
  • Owners: ACCIONA Energía


  • Second and third ACCIONA wind farms in Texas and 9th and 10th in the United States
  • Together made up of 109 AW125/3150 ACCIONA Nordex wind turbines, each with a 125m rotor diameter on 87.5m high steel tower (at hub level)
  • Enough energy output to power 97,000 homes
  • More than 1100 GWh of wind energy produced annually
  • More than 270 jobs created during the construction of Palmas Altas and 300 during the construction of La Chalupa. Nineteen full-time jobs in O&M once both projects are operational
  • New Social Impact Management program to support Cameron County

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